The Future of Sedation Anesthesia

Non-Operating Room Anesthesia (NORA) is the fastest-growing hospital field in the US with 70-90 million cases per year and increasing at 8% each year.

American Society of Anesthesiology Closed Claims Project Review

The ASA Closed Claims Project evaluates and compiles anesthesia claims collected from the professional liability insurance companies in the US and compares operating room injuries with the NORA injuries. The report concludes:

  • NORA patients are typically older and sicker (69% were ASA 3-5)
  • More severe injuries occur in NORA cases than in the OR
  • Number of deaths are almost double in NORA cases than in the OR
  • Inadequate oxygenation/ventilation is the most common respiratory event in NORA claims
  • NORA complications were determined to be preventable with better monitoring 

“A device offering high oxygen delivery and improved monitoring of breathing is needed to ensure excellent patient outcomes, short hospital stay, and enhanced patient satisfaction while meeting the practice guidelines by the American Society of Anesthesiologists.”